JULY 4, 2015

She made her EB mark

By DUB smashing smart

We hear her funny heart

With her act, all right!


JULY 16, 2015

He showed up and gazed

At her lovely wacky face.

He was uncertain & in a daze,

But her smile delivered a craze!


OCTOBER 24,2015

“Tamang Panahon” was the occasion

She acted in collaboration.

He acted, as if, it’s a competition

And left right after the presentation!


DECEMBER 31, 2015

While GMA was in celebration

He left as the countdown was tracking on.

He was nowhere, what’s going on?

While she was with family at home counting on!


JANUARY 2, 1916

His 24th bday on BW was a gem.

She baked a rainbow cake for him

An effort he buried on a whim

Coz he was with his Anays & his team!



Balloons and flowers

VDay is for lovers

Why did he make fun of her

Sans her, in a party with LDR?


MARCH 3, 2016

Her family was all over the place

With her, to showcase her grace.

Five gifts for her piece by piece,

She thanked all for peace!



Damage control is the game

Boracay, we go, to clear his name.

Of course, classy, charter a plane,

Then, leave so early for a flame.



Filming in Italy was fun

He toured Rome & the Vatican.

Did they really bond as one?

IYAM made a lot of money for some!


PREMIERE – Imagine You And Me

What a glamorous couple they are!

Red carpet, the best, by far!

He drove with his Jaguar

And his Anays not so far!



Why did he have to see

“Courtesy Call” on CF’s birthday

Bashing Maine was her forte.

Continue the assault, let him be!


N…O…W…After A Year with ALDUB NATION

The spark is long gone now,

No gratitude for her and how

Their lives changed forever, Holy Cow!

Thank you, Maine, for you, I bow!

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